Weight Loss Coaching


90% Of People Will Never Achieve Their Goals Without Our Help

Sadly, 90% of people will never reach their goals. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught the right way to achieve their results. It doesn’t have to be this way for you though.

We can show you exactly what we did to achieve our impressive results and how our clients were able to achieve equally impressive results, using the same strategies. Reserve your consultation today to see how you can achieve a similar result and do it much faster than you ever thought was possible. No more second guessing yourself, it is time to start seeing and feeling it.

What Is Online Coaching?

Purpose Fitness Australia's Online coaching is an exclusive one-on-one experience which is limited to a selected number of clients for a professional and high quality service. Our weight loss specific coaching allows you to get the support you need and get back to being your happy, loveable, confident self. 

By selecting online coaching you will get on the go support in all aspects of health. This will allow constant adjustments and monitoring of your health and body composition over an extended time to ensure your goals are met effectively and at optimal health. 


(12 Week Commitment Period )


  • Includes a effective training program designed to tone, shape and increase strength all while losing weight in relation to;
  • A comprehensive diet plan that focuses on nutrient replenishment and weight loss specific dieting phases. 
  • A fully structured and compliant supplementation program to aid the assistance of the nutrition program. 
  • Weekly accountability Check ins between the hours of 5am-6pm every Monday and Wednesday. 
  • Account access to our mobile and desktop app which all programs, check ins and supplementation protocols are recorded for your easy access. Alternatively we can generate excel spreadsheets for your program execution. 
  • Training Video review for technique cueing and progression.
  • Access to our educational portal which features an array of helpful information to learn and master your own training/nutrition. 
  • Access to our team Facebook group where you can connect to like minded people and get support whilst sharing your journey. 
  • Fortnightly team zoom calls for Q&A Sessions, educational talks/guidance and some good all round fun with laughs. 
  • Get access to high quality sports supplements at 15% off
  • Get access to our large network of professional partners for referrals and assistance in your journey. 


 As a business we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and potential customers, so we may understand frustrations, life experiences, wants and desires. After many years within the fitness industry we have seen and helped thousands of individuals in someway become better ​versions of themselves every single day through providing high quality programs as well as education and motivation. 

We work with people who just want to live a healthier lifestyle through to professional athletes. As a company we are committed to providing the best of the best, we work extremely long hours and bend over backwards to ensure our customers and clients are looked after and achieving their results.

As a company we ensure our clients are well nourished and not starved through quick fad diets in order to maximise results. We guide and educate clients whom wish to learn on the methods we are using and simple practises we advise, so you may feel at ease understanding what exactly you are required to do.

Our attention to detail is nothing yet seen in the market here in Australia. We focus on every analytical point of data so we can track, measure and progress you to maximise your results whilst maintaining overall health, keeping money in your back pocket and not resulting in injuries from poor programming. 

Join the team today and we will ensure you are not neglected, you are well educated, focused and supported towards your goals, achieve your results, improve all aspects of your health, learn to enjoy life and create some amazing shape.

Imagine what your life could be like if you let go and let us take control to allow you to lose weight as easy as 1,2 and 3. 

*All coaching options are subject to 3rd party payment collection fees and will incur an early exit fee. If clients want to remain with the team following their minimum commitment period of 12 weeks, the membership will continue until they wish to cancel.