Our Partners

Purpose Fitness are the leaders when it comes to health and fitness innovations and solutions that best suit you so you reach your goals and find your Purpose. 

Here at Purpose Fitness we pride ourselves on having the highest and most credible service when it comes to taking care of our clients and athletes health, performance and recovery. 

We work heavily within our community to partner with credible health professional to expand our service capabilities. Our partners are here to help support and work in alignment with our mission here at Purpose Fitness to ensure we upkeep a level of service which sees our clients progressing towards their goal whilst having the best of the best at their finger tips. 

Some of our partners include; 
- PHD Philosophers 

- Endocrinologist 

- Myotherapist 

- Physiotherapist

- Chiropractors

- Naturopathy 

How Do You Get Access? 
All members of Purpose Fitness receive a multi discount across all services we offer. Our coaches will advise if a client is required to see one of our professional partners for any underlying or ongoing complications that may arise in their fitness journey. Alternatively if the client wishes to see a partner, please contact your coach to arrange a booking slot and referral.

Hormonal imbalances? 
Athlete Enhancement?
Athlete Specific? 
Soft Tissue Manipulation?

We have you covered! Contact us today to get started.