Athlete Specific Coaching

Do you want to be an elite sports Athlete?

Do you want to improve your performance?

Do you want to improve your athletic potential?

Do you want to be injury free?

Finding it hard to find the right coach that can help you?

To be the best of the best, an athlete must be built in the off season and conditioned in their  pre game time or race times. The biggest issues with athletes not being in condition or progressing year after year is due to the fact that they fail their off season optimisation. 

At Purpose Fitness we want the hardest working athletes in the room, we want you to be willing to do whatever it takes, we want you to be committed and hungry for success in and out of your competition.
To be one of the elite athletes that can return year after year into show it all begins within the mindset. To be an elite athlete it requires certain physical and mental attributions and our team here at Purpose Fitness wish to unlock your potential and push these attributes to their unseen limits. 

What are the biggest problems in most athletes?

Most athletes are focused on the end result but in doing so they lose sight of the fundamentals that shape and make a great athlete. In this field we note a lot of programs feature huge load thresholds and intensities with little focus on proportion and critical exercise selection to meet certain biomechanics for each individual. You can always put size on, increase strength and speed if done correctly however completing hours of cardio, weight training, dieting and crunches won't fix your shape or guarantee an improvement towards your desired goals. A precise athlete prep work will focus specifically on Nutrition execution for precise responses, speed of movement work, stability/mobility, strength, line of movement, muscle balance, muscle activation, recovery and reverse periodisation. 

This is what Purpose Fitness is here for...

If you want to go quick, go alone.
If you want to go far, Join the Team

How can we help you?

After years of experience within this industry and coaches who have walked their talk, we have accumulated a vast variety of education, knowledge, experience and feedback from clients/athletes who have had their fair share of experiences and disappointments from past experiences. We have formulated one of the most comprehensive systematic and scientific protocols which are customised to each athlete to excel their experience and results in order to prepare and maximise their stage presence or game time.  

Our Athlete Specific Packages Include;


Custom Nutritional and Supplementation Protocols

  • Meal timings fitted around your lifestyle and schedules
  • Both flexible and strict option, however we write a strict plan out regardless
  • Macro and Micro Nutrient tracking 
  • Vitamin and Amino profiling 
  • Food selection based off personal preference and performance principals
  • Supplementation programmed around deficient levels and to enhance the nutrition
  • Hormonal regulation and key biochemistry fundamental approaches.

Training Protocols

  • Formulated specifically around metabolic and neural adaptions
  • Exercise selection based off weak areas and progressive measures
  • Analytic Data of loading thresholds and parameters
  • Periodisation
  • Featured mesocycles of 4 week durations

Weekly Check ins

  • Photos
  • Questionnaires
  • Weekly adjustments in correspondence to body responses
  • Live chat within coach via email, txt, phone call, zoom calls.
  • In person assessments or online training assessments
  • Optional educational zoom consult to improve improve understanding and compliance


*All coaching options are subject to 3rd party payment collection and will incur an early exit fee of $40 + 2 weeks notice for terms shorter than 12 weeks . If clients want to remain with the team following their minimum commitment period of 12 weeks, the membership will continue until they wish to cancel. 

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