Weekly dose of Purpose - Dwelling

The secret to getting a strong head space is by controlling what you let in. 

What you decide to let in, will then decide what you become. 

Have you ever had a fight with a partner, but you held onto it for days? 

Have you ever made a mistake and it dwelled in your mind for weeks/months? 

Do you ever dwell on a conversation with someone, something they said you can't let go off? 

{Do you ever feel guilty and dwell on saying no, to friends, family and situations which do not interest you}

Dwelling makes you question!

Dwelling makes you question yourself, your ethics, it makes you relive a situation over and over trying to understand it or to solve it. 

Move on. 

Life is too short to dwell

Why dwell on things that won't change your life? 
Will this matter in 5 years? 


Move on!

You want to train yourself and your mind to move on from situations that make you dwell on negative energy or makes you question your self worth. 

Life is busy, by the time the moment is finished you should be thinking of things you have in front of you that you can excel and execute at which will make a positive impact on you in 5 years time. 

Now, I am not saying your feelings and thoughts don't matter. Because they do!

Be open, communicate and show compassion to situations but DO NOT DWELL..

Move On!

Happy Monday